When you require Security Guards to protect your staff, visitors and customers, institution or residences, Cougar Security Services Limited will provide smart, highly trained Security Guards backed with cutting edge intelligence and technology to meet any challenge in our work environment. The physical presence of a uniformed security guard is one of the best passive deterrents to any potential assailant, however, they also need to provide a professional and courteous appearance that will represent your company at its best.

Our manned guarding services are among some of the most professional and well-trained individuals in the business, who are conscious and also aware of the need for combination of security and courtesy which creates a positive environment for our esteemed client. We provide industry-leading training to all employees, making sure they are highly-motivated and properly equipped to deliver the best service possible. Cougar Security Services Limited takes an approach that is aligned to the risks of our customers’ businesses; giving them a focused service that supports all their security requirements.

Through our dedicated security risk managers, we can work with you to help define your needs and ensure your security strategy fits with your corporate objectives – allowing you to focus on the bigger picture. With a range of static, mobile, maritime guarding installation services available, Cougar Security Services Limited will add value to your security arrangements through a variety of carefully developed methods that will suit the needs of your business or associations. Our team of fully qualified personnel will provide all aspects of security that will supply protection to commercial or residential properties, small or large corporate institutions, marine based assets and installations, events and any special access case, as they need may arise.

All in all, our primary purpose is to ensure your people and assets are protected. By engaging our guards services, you can leave this to us, knowing that we are the best team money can buy, arising from our real-practical experience. Again, our operatives who are fully trained are supported with our CUGs and radios to ensure your site(s) or office(s) are given the best backing possible. This we do through 24-hour online real time security supervisor’s assistance in case of emergencies. With a robust reach and wide outlook, Cougar Security Services Limited operates nationally with a broad selection of supervising officers mainly tapped from a pool of ex-servicemen and women.

We deal with everything from small family run businesses to private conglomerates and quoted companies across all industry sectors plus residences. We are convinced that we have just the right balance of resource, innovation and responsiveness to always be there with the right solution whenever and wherever you need us.

Founder: Mr. Humphrey C. Akachukwu, CFE, HSCIB

A 1985 bachelor’s degree graduate in Business Administration, Mr. Akachukwu also holds the Masters Degree in Finance and Banking (1990), HSCIB and CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) Certifications. He started his career in the financial services industry at the Central Bank of Nigeria where he worked for over twelve years in the Finance & Accounts, the then Computer Services Department and Bank Examination Departments.

A seasoned financial and IT systems auditor, who led several teams of examiners to licensed banks and finance companies in Nigeria. While at the CBN, Humphrey attended all the qualifying bank examiners’ courses in Nigeria and other related courses in Europe and North America.

He joined Diamond Bank Limited in 1998, and was confirmed Chief Inspector of the Bank in 1999 from where he rose to become the Chief Compliance Officer and Headed the Compliance & Audit Division for well over a decade until early retirement in mid-2012. In Diamond Bank, he attended several local and overseas courses on Fraud and Financial Crimes Prevention as well as Corporate Security Strategies. He is both a member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) and external faculty member of both the Chartered Institute of Banks in Nigeria and Financial Institutions Training Centre, where he facilitates on the Institutes’ courses in Financial Crime Prevention, Internal Control and Effective Branch Management programmes. He is also an alumnus of Elkins Marine Training International. Humphrey was a member of the Legislative Dialogue Committee that midwifed the current Economic and Financial Crimes Act and is a well-known lecturer on Anti-Money Laundering subject. He is a foundation member and a Trustee of the Committee of Chief Compliance Officers of Banks in Nigeria. He believes that ‘the success of a man should not only be measured by his personal wealth but by the number of persons, he has made successful’.

He is currently the MD/CEO of Summerville Bureau de Change Limited, Cougar Security Services Limited and Gasville Nigeria Limited, an LPG dispensing company. Mr. Akachukwu is a registered ADB Individual Consultant on AML/CFT Initiatives.